Midi Cloud Event: Learn How to Manage the Digital Transformation

The digital transformation of companies is a shift that allows for a better IT-business alignment. Currently essential, this transformation helps optimize a company’s productivity, improve the customer experience, and place the business in a forward-looking strategy. How can business leaders manage this digital transformation?

Solulan’s MIDI CLOUD Event: For Your Digital Strategy

Whether your company has already started its digital transformation or not, Solulan invites you to participate in its MIDI CLOUD event, which is a great opportunity to discover how to engage your customers more, empower your employees, and transform your products and services with the Microsoft Cloud. The event, which takes place in Laval at the Porsche Centre Lauzon, lets you discover how to take your business to another level of digital transformation by making the most of the Microsoft Cloud. In particular, discussions will be held on these four topics:

  • The importance of security and mobility in the modern world;
  • How Microsoft 365 is changing the game for businesses, how collaboration in the workplace is transformed, and the challenges that it brings to your teams;
  • How telephone and unified communications technologies have evolved in the world of the cloud;
  • How to migrate a new IT solution into the cloud and save thousands of dollars instead of leaving it in your environment.

In effect, the cloud helps meet the needs of your business in terms of productivity, collaboration, automation, and telephony. If you want to know how the cloud works and how it can help your company be more efficient to have a bigger impact on your day-to-day business, this event is for you. This session is also an opportunity to enjoy a pleasant moment and taste the latest culinary creations of Chef Mathieu Cloutier from the Kitchen Galerie restaurant in Montréal.

To register to the event, just click here !

What is the digital transformation?

Although it’s really related to technology, a company’s digital transformation can’t be reduced to the adoption of new technologies such as connected objects, artificial intelligence, or virtual reality. In effect, technology is the tool of the digital transformation.

The digital transformation is mainly about shifting the company into a new era—a new culture that gives rise to a new way of working. Just as it upsets the rules of society, the digital transformation—or digital revolution—changes the way businesses operate. With new digital skills and new tools such as the cloud, businesses are creating new products and services that adapt to the new digital economic model that leaves room for collaborative intelligence and innovation to conquer new markets.

How to Manage the Digital Transformation

At the heart of the digital strategy are the customers and targets whose values and expectations must always be constantly analyzed by your business. For all organizations, the digital transformation is therefore the opportunity to implement a digital strategy, which can best be done with the help of a company that offers IT solutions and services.

Professional IT services help meet the needs of organizations, simplify their management, and maximize the investment of companies. These services are developed collaboratively between IT experts and the company that wants to move toward a digital transformation. It’s this collaboration that makes it possible to implement innovative solutions for managing and optimizing a company’s digital transformation. Entrusting the management of their IT services to experts also lets businesses avoid having to hire while benefiting from highly effective temporary services.

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