About our IT solutions company

Our mission Founded in 1999, Solulan is an IT consulting firm specializing in the integration and maintenance of computer systems.

The company offers different service packages, including managed services, consulting services, integration and outsourcing mandates, on-call technical support, and customized training.
The primary goal, therefore, is to offer our clients a strategic, long-term vision of information technology. Whatever the nature of the projects for which we’re responsible, Solulan guarantees our clients our total commitment regarding the quality of our products and services.

Our values: integrity, leadership, excellence et commitment.

A quality service, from initial installation to daily use.
A team of certified experts who keep up to date on advances in the market and the competition.
We’re committed to carrying out our clients’ IT projects in such a way as to ensure their technological success and the profitability of their investments.


Solulan’s mission is to assist private and public organizations and companies by offering them professional products and services. The main pillars of our mission rest on uncompromising service quality; our customer satisfaction rate remains the guiding light of our organization, and it forms the basis of Solulan’s culture.