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RMM provides real-time visibility of IT systems and automates management tasks.

  1. Remote monitoring: RMM is used to monitor servers, computers, network devices and other components of the IT infrastructure remotely. The data collected, such as performance, security alerts and updates are sent to a single console for centralized management.
  2. Proactive management: RMM uses advanced functionalities such as problem detection, reporting, patch management and backup monitoring to take proactive action so problems can be resolved before they become critical and unplanned downtime is minimized.
  3. Task automation: RMM is used to automate routine tasks such as software updates, security patches, backups and inventory management. This frees time for IT teams, while guaranteeing that systems are kept up to date and secure.
  1. Proactive surveillance: RMM uses real-time monitoring to help detect problems from the time they appear, which makes it possible to intervene quickly and minimize service disruptions.
  2. Cost reduction: RMM makes it possible to automate numerous management tasks, which reduces labour needs and the associated costs. Furthermore, by identifying and correcting problems more quickly, costs related to downtime and emergency repairs are cut.
  3. Improved productivity: RMM allows IT teams to concentrate on tasks with greater added value rather than spending time on routine tasks.
  4. Enhanced security: By actively monitoring systems, applying security patches and managing backups, RMM helps to strengthen IT infrastructure security. This lowers risks related to security breaches and data losses.
  5. Centralized management: With the RMM central console, IT teams can manage and supervise the entire IT infrastructure from a single location, which simplifies management and offers an overview of the IT environment.

MDR is centred on detecting and responding to security incidents, offering continuous monitoring, proactive threat detection and real-time response to incidents. RMM is centred on remote IT system management, offering proactive monitoring, automated management tasks and optimized IT infrastructure. In short, MDR protects you against security threats, while RMM makes it possible to effectively manage your IT infrastructure remotely.

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