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Solulan has a team of highly qualified cybersecurity experts with in-depth knowledge of best practices and the latest trends in IT security.

Personalized approach

We constantly monitor your network and systems to detect potential threats and intrusions in real time. This enables us to act quickly to mitigate risks and minimize potential damage.

Complete solutions

Solulan offers a comprehensive range of cybersecurity solutions, covering all essential aspects of data protection, including access management, intrusion detection, data leakage prevention and backup of critical information.

Regulatory compliance

When you work with Solulan, you benefit from our expertise in regulatory compliance. We help you comply with security standards and legal requirements applicable to your industry.

Responsive technical support

Our technical support team is available to answer your questions, solve problems and provide fast, efficient assistance in the event of a security incident.

IT Certifications

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With our Microsoft-certified specialists, Solulan is able to implement several cybersecurity measures (MFA, ATP, AIP, Intune...) to protect your identity, your workstation, as well as your data contained in the Microsoft cloud. A complete solution that protects your organization against cyberattacks all along the cybercriminal chain.

Secure connections between people, devices, applications and data. Strengthen the cybersecurity of your cloud solutions and increase productivity with a single, global identity solution that gives you flexibility and control. Detect and analyze advanced threats, compromised identities and malicious actions in your local and cloud environments. Protect your business with integrated adaptive intelligence.

Protect your confidential data everywhere, even when in transit or shared. Gain greater visibility and control over file usage with a comprehensive, integrated information protection solution, and act upstream against data theft.

Gain insight into the use of your Microsoft Cloud applications and services such as Microsoft Azure or Microsoft 365 with sophisticated analytics, and control the movement of your data so you can respond to and combat cyber threats. Evaluate the compliance risks you face with simplified assessment tools. Respond intelligently to requests and protect data stored in devices, applications and clouds.

Solulan's enterprise cybersecurity services offer comprehensive support and protection to ensure the security of your company's infrastructure. From cybersecurity best practices to phishing and penetration testing, Solulan covers all aspects of enterprise cybersecurity.

In addition to enterprise cybersecurity, Solulan is also your preferred partner for your other IT service needs. In fact, Solulan is also here to provide you with state-of-the-art managed IT services, to dynamically support your business, and help you gain in productivity.

Need complete, turnkey IT support? Solulan is also here to provide the advanced IT support your business needs.

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