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High-quality IT security audits

How does security auditing work?

The IT security audit is a crucial step in improving the security of a company's information systems. This procedure breaks down into several key stages:


  • Initial assessment: Preliminary examination of the IT environment to define the audit scope and audit plan.
  • Vulnerability identification: Detection of weaknesses likely to be exploited.
  • Detailed analysis: In-depth study of identified vulnerabilities to understand their potential impact.
  • Audit report: Drafting of a detailed document presenting the audit findings.
  • Recommendations: Proposal of specific solutions to overcome the weaknesses discovered.
  • Patch implementation: Implementation of recommendations to reinforce security.
  • Ongoing monitoring: Regular checks to ensure security is maintained in the face of new and emerging threats.

Solulan's approach also includes :

  • An in-depth security audit to assess systems and processes
  • Recommendations for improving security and compliance
  • Support in obtaining essential certifications such as CyberSecure Canada and SOC 2 Type II


This systematic approach is fundamental to ensuring data protection and robustness against increasingly sophisticated threats, such as phishing and the Dark Web.


Solulan adopts this rigorous methodology, considered to be the most effective, to guarantee its customers first-rate IT security, adapted to the complex and evolving challenges of today's digital landscape.

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Initial assessment

The cyber security audit begins with an initial assessment of your company's IT environment. This may include an audit of the IT estate, its IT systems, analysis of existing security policies, review of network architecture, inspection of systems and applications, and identification of critical assets. An IT audit plan is usually drawn up to guide the audit.


Identifying vulnerabilities

Once the initial assessment is complete, cybersecurity experts carry out an in-depth analysis to identify potential vulnerabilities. This may include intrusion testing, code analysis, regulatory compliance assessments, etc.


Analysis of results

The results of the cyber security audit are carefully analyzed to assess the potential impact of the identified vulnerabilities. This analysis enables risks to be prioritized and recommendations to be made for their resolution.


Audit report and recommendations

At the end of the audit, a detailed IT audit report is prepared. It contains a description of the vulnerabilities identified, their potential impact and specific recommendations for correcting them. This report is a valuable tool for guiding corrective action.


Corrective action and follow-up

Once the audit report has been delivered, it's important to implement the recommendations and correct the identified vulnerabilities. Indeed, a cyber security audit is nothing without corrective measures. Regular follow-up is also recommended to ensure that security measures are maintained and that new vulnerabilities do not emerge.

There are many reasons why you should carry out an IT security audit. And this doesn't just apply to critical cases, as caution is the better part of valor:

  • To protect sensitive data: An IT audit helps secure critical company data by identifying and correcting vulnerabilities. This ensures that sensitive personal, financial or business information is well protected against unauthorized access.
  • Preventing cyber-attacks: Regular audits of IT systems help detect and prevent the risk of cyber-attacks. This helps put in place robust security measures to counter potential threats before they materialize.
  • To comply with legal requirements: Many industries are subject to strict regulations concerning data management. A security audit ensures that the company complies with these laws, avoiding sanctions, fines or legal damages.
  • To maintain corporate reputation: Data security is crucial to a company's reputation. An IT security audit demonstrates the company's commitment to protecting customer information, thereby reinforcing customer trust and loyalty.
  • To optimize your resources: An audit identifies inefficiencies in the use of IT resources, suggesting improvements to optimize performance and reduce costs. This includes streamlining processes and ensuring that the technologies used are well aligned with business objectives.


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