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User support

Benefit from a team of certified professionals on hand at all times for your users. In addition to technical support, you'll get all the information you need to better understand your IT infrastructures.

Hardware support

Because your business continuity is important to us, we offer proactive diagnosis of your equipment thanks to our automated system for preventing breakdowns.

Prevention and maintenance

At Solulan, we focus on maintaining your IT environment to keep your business productive.

Support tailored to your business

To meet your long-term needs, we implement network solutions that will support you throughout your expansion.

24/7 infrastructure monitoring

We offer a complete installation service for security software that monitors all connections between your computers and the Internet in real time. This helps prevent potential threats.

IT Certifications

The highest standards of quality and safety
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Hiring in-house technology staff, especially skilled workers, is a challenge for all organizations in all industries. Not only is it a challenge, it's also a time-consuming and expensive process. That's why outsourcing technology services is becoming more optimal and cost-effective. Our team of over 35 technicians and project managers are on hand to optimize, supervise, support and secure your IT infrastructures remotely, anywhere in the country. In just a few days, we can ensure effective and efficient management of your IT assets.

Information technologies are constantly evolving, so it's not easy to keep up with new solutions and options on the market. Being certified on Microsoft solutions and many others, we can help you complete your projects to ensure their efficiency and security. Our team of experts are here to optimize your Microsoft 365 environment, secure and migrate your data to Microsoft Azure, manage your devices via Microsoft Intune and centralize your communications with Microsoft Teams technology. By default, our plans include management and cybersecurity options, and specialized projects are provided in banks of hours depending on your needs.

Solulan is one of the only managed service providers of our size to have a dedicated cybersecurity and compliance division. It's important to demonstrate the credibility of our expertise through recognized certifications. That's why we're proud to be Cybersecure Canada certified, SOC 2 Type II certified, Microsoft SMB Workplace certified, Microsoft Azure Infrastructure certified and many others. All our managed plans include the cybersecurity elements you need to protect your business. Do you already have in-house IT resources or another firm that looks after your infras in general, but are looking for more security? We have specific plans for that in our Managed Cybersecurity section.

As you can see, Solulan is a master in the art of IT services in Quebec. In business since 1999, Solulan offers a complete range of turnkey IT services to help you manage your IT and grow your business.

Whatever the size of your company or your needs, we're here to meet your challenges and provide you with quality IT services. That's why we work with preferred business partners such as Dell, HP and Jabra. These companies recognize our expertise and trust us, so why shouldn't you?

In addition to our managed IT services for businesses, Solulan can also help you with your IT support needs, as well as your corporate cybersecurity requirements. Our expert teams do their utmost to offer you ever more comprehensive IT services. These are perfectly adapted to your needs, as well as to the rapid technological changes in the sector.

Don't wait any longer, and put your trust in Solulan for your IT managed services needs in Quebec! Contact us today.

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