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Our managed services for SMEs and for businesses offer what you need from the outset to prevent most security incidents. Solulan offers the option of selecting only the cybersecurity module, which includes the services of the skilled presales team, the project team as well as the support team. Our competitively priced packages are the solution for your peace of mind!

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  1. For our skills: our experts are certified for leading solutions, such as Microsoft, Kaseya, Datto and more. Above all, Solulan holds the CyberSecure Canada certification as well as Microsoft Infrastructure Azure and Solutions Partner for Modern Work certifications.
  2. For our reputation: we have served more than 400 clients since 1999 and our retention rate is over 95%.
  3. For our responsible approach: we have several management tools that enable us to respond quickly in the event of an outage to ensure our client data is secure.

Since September 2021, businesses working in Quebec must comply with new requirements of Bill 25 concerning protection of personal information. Furthermore, the CyberSecure Canada federal program strives to increase businesses’ level of cybersecurity and to reassure consumers shopping online. Cyber-risk insurance is specific protection in the event of a breach in your computer network. Our team specializing in cybersecurity can assist you in the various phases of these processes.

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If you’re looking for a particular service, we can also offer you the following:

  • Security Audit
  • Penetration Testing
  • Phishing Awareness
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Proactive Monitoring with MDR
  • Continuous Infrastructure Management

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