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How MDR works

MDR works by continuously monitoring corporate networks, systems and endpoints for signs of malicious activity. Here are some key facts about how MDR works:

  • Proactive monitoring
  • Detection of advanced threats
  • Incident response and management

MDR awareness is essential for companies seeking to strengthen their cybersecurity and protect themselves against constantly evolving threats. By understanding how MDR works and its benefits, companies can make informed decisions to implement proactive monitoring and effective incident response. Investing in MDR reduces risk, protects digital assets and maintains customer confidence.

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  1. Proactive surveillance: MDR uses the latest tools and technology to analyze event logs, data flows and indicators of compromise to identify threats in real time.
  2. Advanced threat detection: MDR uses advanced analysis techniques, such as machine learning and AI to detect unusual behaviour and indicators of compromise. It is able to identify sophisticated attacks that can escape traditional security solutions.
  3. Incident response and management: When a threat is detected, MDR offers a rapid, coordinated response to mitigate the impacts. This response may include neutralizing attackers, restoring compromised systems and establishing corrective measures to prevent future attacks.
  1. Early threat detection: MDR is able to detect threats early by continuously monitoring IT environments. This makes it possible to identify attacks at an early stage, reducing the potential damage and any associated costs.
  2. Specialized expertise: MDR is managed by teams of cybersecurity experts who have the necessary knowledge and skills to analyze and effectively respond to threats. Businesses benefit from high-level expertise without having to build their own internal team.
  3. Reduced response time: With real-time monitoring and coordinated response, MDR considerably reduces the time required to detect, respond to and recover from security incidents, which mitigates any negative impact on business operations.
  4. Improved compliance: MDR helps businesses fulfill legal cybersecurity requirements by providing compliant continuous monitoring and incident response.

Did you know that our MDR solution is connected to a SOC (Security Operating Centre), meaning that each supervised alert is handled by an expert, 24/7?

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