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How does it work?

Phishing works by imitating trusted entities, such as financial institutions, companies or popular online services. Cybercriminals send fraudulent emails or messages that appear to come from legitimate sources, prompting users to provide sensitive information or to click on malware links.

Phishing awareness campaigns are required by insurers to take out cyberinsurance protection. 

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Phishing emails: They are designed to look like official communication from legitimate sources. They often ask users to provide confidential information or to click on suspicious links.

Domain hijacking or Pharming: This technique tries to redirect users to fraudulent websites that look like those of legitimate institutions. Victims are prompted to provide their personal information, which is then used for malicious purposes.

Phishing via text or voice message – Smishing and Vishing: Text messages or phone calls are used to trick victims and obtain their sensitive information.

  1. Quick identification of warning signs: By understanding the techniques used by cybercriminals, you will be able to identify warning signs in suspicious emails or websites. This will help you identify phishing attempts and take appropriate measures to protect yourself.
  2. Protection of confidential information to prevent its involuntary disclosure. You will be less likely to trust requests for personal or financial information, which will lower fraud and identity theft risks.
  3. Enhanced online security: Your online security will be enhanced when your employees are made aware of the dangers of phishing. They will be more vigilant about the threat, which will lower risks for you and your clients.
  4. Reputation and trust protection: You strengthen trust and loyalty among your clientele by showing that you care about your users’ security.

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