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Intune configuration offers a range of benefits. First, it provides unified device management, which makes it easier to deploy and maintain security policies. By centralizing management, Intune also simplifies the applications and operating systems update process, which guarantees that all devices are secure and up to date. Furthermore, Intune offers advanced functionalities that help to improve compliance management and data protection.

Intune configuration can have a significant impact on an organization’s return on investment. Intune automates device and application management tasks, which reduces operational costs related to manual maintenance and problem solving. Furthermore, Intune improves data security and reduces the risks of cyberattacks.

It's one more tool to help you fulfill the requirements of Bill 25. Our clients have generally reported up to 40% savings on their device management with Intune.

Intune stands out from the competition because of its advanced functions and its close integration to the Microsoft ecosystem. As a Microsoft 365 integrated solution, it offers simple, unified device and application management, while benefiting from the enhanced security and collaborative functionalities of the Office 365 suite. What’s more, the platform benefits from the power and scalability of Azure cloud, offering large-scale device and application management.

Did you know that some Intune functionalities are available at a reduced price in certain Microsoft 365 packages? Contact us today to tell us about your project.

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