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Solulan enters into a major partnership with genesys to offer customer experience and contact center services via cloud

Solulan just announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Genesys, the undisputed leader in multi-channel customer experience and contact center software, working with thousands of companies worldwide.

How to secure your business data

3 good habits to adopt that will optimize your company’s computer hygiene during the holidays

The long holiday break is a time when your IT infrastructure is more vulnerable to cyber threats. Why? Because your employees may unintentionally leave their computers in sleep mode or may not fully understand the IT security measures you have in place, resulting in your computer network being poorly secured. This exposes your business to increased risk of malicious intrusion, fraud or data theft.

Solulan continues its expansion by acquiring Queback Déploiement informatique

Solulan is proud to announce the acquisition of Queback Déploiement informatique, a Lévis-based firm specializing in the deployment of IT services tailored to the needs of Quebec SMEs and individuals.

Working from home : How to be more efficient?

It’s quite likely that your business has had to implement a teleworking strategy over the past few months. If you plan on extending your work-from-home arrangements for another little while, or are thinking of turning it into a more permanent move, new habits are to be acquired, especially when it comes to your corporate IT infrastructure.

How computer preventive maintenance is essential?

Preventive computer maintenance allows you to extend the life of your workstations, to ensure the security of your company data and to run an efficient and accessible computer system.

5 Tips for working from home

Has your employer asked you to work from home for a while? Here are a few helpful tips to remain productive from home!

What are the business benefits of cloud computing?

Cloud computing allows users to access files, software and servers via their web-connected devices, including computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. Over 50% of surveyed managers see the cloud as a flexible and cost-effective solution for their business.

How identity and access management can prevent cyberattacks

Identity and access management (IAM) is a growing concern for managers of many small, medium and large-sized businesses—and for good reason

Drive Transformation Event: Learn How To Manage Your Digital Transformation

On Friday, March 29, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm at Porsche Centre North Toronto, the Solulan team will host a new Drive Transformation event, primarily focused on how businesses can leverage Microsoft 365 and the Microsoft Cloud. I

How to train your employees to data protection regulations

The advent of new technologies and mobility is changing the use of IT tools in business. The use of these tools is a matter of great importance when it comes to the protection of professional data. In particular, business leaders must adapt by means of management methods.

What are the impacts of outsourcing IT services?

All IT departments in today’s businesses need reliable, effective, and secure IT services, because the majority of business processes are now managed by computers.

Which cybersecurity strategy choose for your company?

Midi Cloud Event: Learn How to Manage the Digital Transformation

How to establish an IT continuity plan for businesses

In IT, as in many other fields of business, a business continuity plan (BCP) makes it possible to ensure the company’s survival after a disaster that has had a serious impact on the organization’s IT system.

Why should you use Cloud for IT crisis management?

Even if you take every precaution, no company is totally protected from a hardware failure, a computer breakdown, a virus, or a cyber-attack, so you need to have a carefully prepared plan in case the worst happens. In this regard, the cloud helps ensure the continuity of the business while simplifying IT crisis management.

How to integrate a commercial management software?

Companies that want to master their sales process and evolve with it often engages in the integration of commercial management software to know where their stock is at all times and to be able to meet the needs of their customers in the best possible way.

7 Office 365 features for your service company

A classic office application suite, Office 365 is accessible from various devices and offers all the well-known Microsoft applications, as well as new, dynamic features connected to the cloud that let you collaborate, communicate, and increase productivity.

What are the advantages of a preventive maintenance plan?

Unlike curative maintenance for computers, which is done only when they break down or an incident occurs, a preventive maintenance plan for computers is used to prevent problems and optimize the functioning of the tool.

When should you replace your equipment for your IT network?

More than half of all IT managers replace their computer fleet every three years. Often because they have a diverse fleet, others replace the computers in thirds or even in fifths. When it comes to IT network management services, there’s a certain number of criteria on which to rely to choose the best strategy for replacing your fleet.

How to choose an IT company for your SME

A human-sized business needs to have an efficient computer resource management system that meets its current needs. But an IT solution for SMEs must also be scalable so that it can adapt in real time to the needs of the business as the company grows.

How to streamline your dealership’s IT management

In all companies, streamlining the management of the IT equipment is a real benefit for operational reasons, but also for the purposes of strengthening the security of the information system and the data.

How to save money on your company’s IT infrastructure

These days, IT infrastructure and data are so valuable to businesses of all sizes that they devote significant portions of their budgets to them. But is it necessary for them to pay high prices without trying to control their expenses? Nowadays, there are several ways to save money while optimizing your IT infrastructure.

How to choose your managed IT service provider

Businesses that don’t have an IT services manager within the company must rely on an outside company. This company is responsible for providing IT services, improving them, and managing changes. But how do you choose a good provider who will be able to offer optimally IT managed services?

What are the main threats for your IT infrastructure security?

The intensive use of the internet affects all lines of business, and today, every device is connected. The security threats to corporate IT infrastructure are increasingly virulent and are forcing companies to deploy new IT security measures. But what are these threats?

4 Tips for a successful Office 365 migration

At one time or another, companies consider moving to an online collaborative office software suite, and many opt for an Office 365 migration plan. Office 365 is the latest version of Microsoft Office that works on PC and Mac.