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IT services:

Guaranteed expertise

IT services:

Guaranteed expertise

A full range of IT services at your disposal

Since 1999, Solulan has been offering you a full range of IT services to meet the needs of your business, while simplifying its management and maximizing your investment. Our team of experts works in collaboration with you to implement innovative solutions for managing and optimizing your infrastructure.

More and more businesses are choosing to entrust their IT services to external, certified, and experienced specialists. SMEs can have access to temporary and permanent experts without having to hire. Large companies can take advantage of specialists who can easily be integrated into the existing teams, as required.

Complete services for your overall IT

A full range of consulting services, including planning, management, accompaniment, implementation, and support.

Microsoft Azure and Office 365 cloud computing services

Optimize the profitability of your business and simplify deployment and migration in a cloud computing environment.

Hyper-V and VMWare virtualization services

Our experienced team can help you complete your virtualization projects, whether it’s for the expansion of your server park or the migration of your virtualization platform.

Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams professionals with business telephony

Solulan is the ultimate benchmark for these collaboration, video-conferencing, and voice-over-IP tools for businesses.

IT infrastructure professionals

Solulan helps and advises you in the management and implementation of your server, network, and wireless infrastructure.

Backup and continuity plan

With the latest technological advances, several possibilities for highly effective continuity and backup plans are available to your business. We have the expertise and experience to help you set up the right solution for your budget.



The helpful tips from our IT security professionals will let you deploy an integrated security system to effectively prevent and manage emerging threats while reducing management and maximizing your investment.

Office 365 training and adoption

Solulan offers highly innovative Office 365 adoption and training services. Equip and train your users to accelerate the handling of Office 365 thanks to practical usage scenarios that will allow them to adopt Office 365 in a very short timeframe!

Access the Solulan MOOC: https://mooc-fr.office365-training.com/partners/solulan  

Hardware sales and licencing

Our advisors will guide you in purchasing hardware and licences to meet your needs while respecting your budget.


Guaranteed expertise

Reduce risks to your IT services and rely on the expertise of our advisors. Gold Certified in Microsoft and Lync, you’ll benefit from quality support and management to successfully complete all your projects.

Total control

Choose the portion of your IT services to outsource. You can trust us with the management of a specific project or the entirety of your IT services. In both cases, you retain high visibility over your IT services thanks to transparent management.

Unfailing efficiency

With a client list that keeps growing, our experts have mastered different types of IT projects and are prepared for a multitude of challenges. Always in sync with the latest innovations in the field, our team of experts offers you solutions that stand the test of time.

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