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Solulan is a business IT services provider certified on several fronts to meet your technology needs. One of Solulan's great advantages is that we offer several packages tailored to your specific needs. These packages are based on fixed prices, yet are customizable for ease of management and billing. Since 1999, we've been providing proactive, advanced IT services for small and medium-sized businesses to meet the challenges of today's business.

Also, we know that outsourcing IT services for business is a concern. That's why our account managers take the time to analyze your IT environment and propose the ideal plan. That's why our account managers take the time to analyze your IT environment and propose the ideal plan. 

Over 400 business customers already trust us to manage their SME’s IT services, so why not you?

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Recruiting skilled workers is a challenge for every organization, in every industry. It's also an expensive and time-consuming process. When it comes to your small business IT services, the option of outsourcing your business IT services is an attractive and cost-effective one. 

Our team of project managers is on hand to optimize, supervise, support and secure your IT infrastructures remotely, anywhere in the country. 

In just a few days, we can take over and ensure effective, efficient management of your IT assets. Our team brings you complete IT solutions tailored to your SME, solving the problem of manpower shortages.

Information technologies are constantly evolving, so it's a complex task to adapt to the new solutions and options available on the market. 

Certified for Microsoft solutions, Solulan can also help your SME implement state-of-the-art cloud solutions. Our team of experts is here to optimize your Microsoft 365 environment, secure and migrate your data to Microsoft Azure, manage your devices via Microsoft Intune and centralize your communications with Microsoft Teams technology. 

Finally, you should know that our packages offer IT support, management and cybersecurity options. As for specialized projects, they can be provided in the flexible form of hour banks according to your needs. So Solulan goes beyond managed it services for small business to cover all your needs.

Solulan is one of the few IT service providers for SMEs to have a division dedicated to cybersecurity and compliance. Our many recognized certifications demonstrate the breadth of our knowledge.

We are proud to be certified in CyberSecure Canada, Microsoft SMB Workplace and Microsoft Azure Infrastructure, among others. All our managed IT services proposals include the cybersecurity elements needed to protect your SMB. 

Do you already have in-house IT resources, or do you have another firm looking after your infrastructure in general, but you're looking for more security? We have specific packages for these needs in our 360 Cybersecurity Management service.

Boosting the growth of your SME inevitably involves sharpening the productivity of your employees and infrastructures. Nevertheless, it's not always easy to know which levers to pull when it comes to your IT, or who to entrust with the task.

Focus your time and effort on your core, strategic business activities, while we take care of your IT services. We've noticed that many small and medium-sized businesses don't have a dedicated IT person. As a result, tasks are regularly postponed, which is not the solution! 

Instead of putting off this task, let us take responsibility for your SME IT services and save you time and money. You'll be able to put your business back on track.

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