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All IT departments in today’s businesses need reliable, effective, and secure IT services, because the majority of business processes are now managed by computers. The question that these companies must ask themselves, therefore, is whether or not to outsource their IT services to increase their performance in this area, which is strongly related to all the others. Indeed, managing the IT services in-house involves relying on human resources with advanced skills and requires quality equipment as well as long-term management. Outsourcing the IT services to a service provider also represents a cost and—above all—a commitment, but what are the real impacts on an IT department?

The costs of outsourcing IT services

The cost of outsourcing IT services is one of the first elements and impacts that must be anticipated. Indeed, outsourcing to a qualified and experienced service provider necessarily comes with a cost. However, the cost of outsourced IT services lets you take advantage of the pooling of the resources that the external service provider possesses, whether it’s human or material resources or storage or management costs. Outsourcing the IT services helps you control costs better. Through a contract and a predefined formula at a fixed price, you can determine the overall amount that IT management represents in the long term. This isn’t necessarily possible with an in-house service, because many hidden costs (data loss, staff training, or absenteeism) make it harder to anticipate the costs.

Find a reliable and effective IT service

If computing isn’t your company’s core business, relying on an external service provider helps reduce the tasks of the human resources in the IT department while giving you the guarantee of benefitting from reliable and effective service. Indeed, an external service provider recognized for their good services has technicians, competent and specialized managers, and high-end, advanced, state-of-the-art equipment. It’s the assurance of benefitting from quality, reliable, and effective services.

Modify your needs easily

Another impact—and strength—of outsourcing your IT services is that the service provider can more easily meet your increasing or decreasing needs in terms of personnel or infrastructure. It’s usually enough to change the formula, modify your contract, or anticipate this flexibility from the start in your offer. The service provider adapts to your demand by providing one of their employees or increasing your hardware or storage capacities. Conversely, you can remove some of these resources without cost or loss. This type of internal change represents costly long-term investments.

Anticipate the impacts of technology

In recent years and —  even more so — in the years to come, technology will have a considerable impact on work. The role of the IT department will therefore undergo radical changes that you will need to know how to manage. Relying on an external service provider makes it possible to ensure the proper management of these changes and to anticipate the impacts of technology on the IT department. Indeed, IT service management companies are required to have the most effective tools, the best methodologies, and the current best practices in this field.

Outsourced legal protection

Although this requires special attention, relying on a service provider lets you transfer your IT responsibility externally, especially in case of problems with personal data, service unavailability, etc. For this protection to be effective, however, remember to study all the clauses of your contract carefully.