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Cloud computing allows users to access files, software and servers via their web-connected devices, including computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. Over 50% of surveyed managers see the cloud as a flexible and cost-effective solution for their business. The six main advantages of cloud computing
  1. Save time
The time needed to implement and manage a cloud-based system is minimal as there’s no equipment to set up or maintain. Cloud-based solution providers take charge of maintaining the physical components as well as performing security checks and software updates.
  1. Instant access to important data
Your staff can access the data they need from the devices they already have, no matter where they are. Your team is always aware of the latest developments and is able to achieve faster collaboration.
  1. No upfront investments
No equipment to buy, no software to install, no licence fees to pay. And you only pay for what you use.
  1. Increased earnings
As saved time translates into heightened productivity and increased earnings, cloud computing provides direct financial benefits.
  1. Data security
Cloud solutions allow you to eliminate the costs related to IT security maintenance. Experienced cloud-based service providers continuously invest in the latest security technology to effectively respond to threats and to allow customers to comply with regulatory requirements.
  1. Redundant storage
All services and data are stored on various servers. Should one server experience issues, a redundant server will immediately take over to prevent any service interruptions from affecting your website or IT infrastructure.