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Preventive computer maintenance allows you to extend the life of your workstations, to ensure the security of your company data and to run an efficient and accessible computer system. 3 good reasons to set up preventive computer maintenance: 1. Limit IT management costs Costs related to technician interventions, workstation replacement, lost revenue caused by downtime: computer problems can be costly for businesses. By performing preventive computer maintenance, you can keep a cap on these expenses. 2. Boost your competitiveness A well-maintained, reliable and accessible computer system is a high-performance tool that improves your company’s productivity and enhances the working conditions of your employees. In addition, running regular speed checks will speed up the loading time of your computers so that access to your files and software is fast and efficient. 3. Secure your data By keeping your software up to date, optimizing your computer system and fighting against major security flaws, preventive computer maintenance constitutes a major asset for your company’s computer security and data protection.