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  • Microsoft Expertise
  • Managed Services
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  • Microsoft Expertise
  • Managed Services
  • IT Support
  • Azure Security

Let Solulan manage your IT. We provide managed IT services, IT support, cybersecurity and cloud solutions. Our client retention rate is over 95%. Choose Solulan for your IT services and needs today!

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Solulan is a Quebec-based IT services expert and a one-stop shop for your business. Solulan has been the preferred IT partner for companies in Quebec and Canada since 1999!

Want to save yourself the hassle of IT management? Solulan offers turnkey managed IT services to ensure sound IT management for your business. Stay on top of the latest information technology.

Need to simplify management of your IT infrastructure? Looking for IT support from a team of experts? Solulan has the IT support you need! Our comprehensive, collaborative support helps you manage your business’s IT.

Solulan is also your preferred partner for corporate cybersecurity. Protect yourself against cyberattacks and let our teams handle your business and infrastructure security.

In addition to IT services, Solulan also offers the latest cloud solutions. Our experts are certified to securely migrate your data to the cloud.

Foster increased inter-team synergy and boost productivity with cloud solutions such as Microsoft 365Microsoft Azure or Microsoft Teams.

Take your business to the next level with our cutting-edge cloud solutions.

Trust our expertise, built with leading business partners such as Microsoft, Kaseya, Datto, Genesys and Fortinet. They choose Solulan as their preferred partner because our team of experts can handle projects of any size—from the simplest to the most complex.

Choose Solulan for your business’s IT services and needs today!

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If you're motivated, passionate about technology and looking to advance your career, Solulan could be the right company for you. Visit our Careers page to find out about current vacancies, or send us your unsolicited application.