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It’s quite likely that your business has had to implement a teleworking strategy over the past few months. If you plan on extending your work-from-home arrangements for another little while, or are thinking of turning it into a more permanent move, new habits are to be acquired, especially when it comes to your corporate IT infrastructure.

Optimizing computer and internet performance

Slow-acting programs… Never-ending downloads… Working with outdated computers and a poor internet connection is annoying and frustrating, not to mention counterproductive! In fact, computer bugs and connection problems are the two most time-consuming issues when working from home. There’s no doubt that investing in new computers can be costly, but keep in mind that it will have a direct impact on employee productivity. And the internet connection is just as important. Poor connections lead to long download times, which translate into a lot of wasted time. They can also make videoconferencing a huge headache. Don’t forget that your employees who are working from home need access to their tools, documents and services at all times.

Making sure computers are properly protected

IT network security is fundamental. Fraudsters see working from home as a golden opportunity to prey on companies. As a matter of fact, phishing attacks, randsomware attacks and other types of data breaches are on the rise. It’s critical that you secure your data, that you monitor your networks and that you implement a cybersecurity plan to be able to respond swiftly and efficiently to cyberattacks while minimizing any impacts.

Supporting your employees

Provide various resources for employees experiencing technical difficulties. Many remote workers are probably not set up to handle these types of problems. Ideally, employees should have easy access to technical assistance to make sure they don’t get slowed down by technical issues.

It takes time to change business processes and to implement tools to make sure everything runs smoothly when working from home.

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