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A human-sized business needs to have an efficient computer resource management system that meets its current needs. But an IT solution for SMEs must also be scalable so that it can adapt in real time to the needs of the business as the company grows.

Opt for a Scalable Solution that Adapts to the Needs of the SME

Managers of SMEs need an efficient system that helps them manage both the current and future activities of their business: a scalable solution that – in particular – provides them with the ability to easily add workstations, applications, or updates, or quickly integrate another site into the network. On the other hand, it’s necessary that the change can be made immediately, once the business grows and its needs evolve. All this must happen smoothly and without major projects, significant expenses, or service interruptions. Because that’s the whole problem:
  • A growing SME must be able to depend on their IT tool at any moment
  • Managers who are fully invested in their business aren’t able to deal with making changes to the IT solution in addition to the growth of the company
  • The changes made to the solution must not disrupt the proper functioning of the organization
  • The cost of the change must be reasonable: for growing SMEs, money doesn’t grow on trees. On the contrary, they need positive working capital as long as they are still developing, and they often have to manage their finances very tightly.

Virtual Servers to Track the Developments in the Company

With server virtualization, an SME doesn’t need to invest in costly servers. If its servers are old, this is an opportunity for them to migrate to new equipment without reinvesting, dealing with maintenance, or suffering interruptions due to breakdowns, especially thanks to the high availability and the sharing of the resources among multiple physical servers. Everything is handled by the provider, and you just have to ask them to modify the contract to adapt the features, the availability, and the services to the new needs of the business in real time.

Managed Services: a Scalable, Comprehensive IT Solution

Another option involves choosing managed services: this is a scalable, comprehensive solution that’s particularly well suited to the needs of SMEs.
  • The managed services provider analyzes the existing system and defines a requirements specification with the manager. From there, they propose a solution tailored to the business that will meet its immediate needs and adapt in no time when these change: integration of new software, use in a multi-site network, etc.
  • When the company needs to add terminals or peripheral devices, the provider sets them up without needing to change the system. Since the solution remains the same even if it undergoes changes, the need for training is very limited, and the users are immediately operational
  • The arrival or departure of employees is very easy to manage, since the provider looks after creating and deleting accesses for authorized users
  • Depending on the needs of the business, it can – in agreement with the client – modify the archiving and electronic document management methods without disrupting the proper functioning of the company
  • Additions, deletions, and updates of applications, antivirus software, and operating systems are an integral part of managed services and are carried out by the provider without needing to interrupt the business.
It’s essential for SMEs to have a reliable, flexible, and scalable computer resource management system. For example, managers can opt for the virtualization of their servers or rely on a managed services provider who will look after the entire solution.