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Solulan has been a leader in major IT projects for businesses for the past 20 years. Our experts are here for you, whether for major migrations, to optimize IT infrastructure, mobile device management, Microsoft Teams call centres or for enhanced server security. Not only do we help you in your specific projects, we offer monthly packages tailored to your needs to ensure the longevity and smooth operation of your organization. We know that the labour shortage, lack of expertise and centralizing your IT assets are major issues. Solulan offers solutions to address every one of these challenges.

We also know that you might feel uneasy about subcontracting your technological services, which is why our account managers carefully analyze your IT environment to find the plan that’s right for you. More than 400 clients already trust us to manage their IT infrastructure.

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Focus on your priority IT demands and leave the Level 1 and 2 support requests to us! It’s a major plus of our managed services, which include unlimited support at a monthly fixed price. Solulan also offers a co-management service, meaning we can work in tandem with your IT team according to your needs. Are you struggling with your Level 3 support requests? Don’t worry, our team of technicians enjoy handling them!

Do you have several departments with numerous different software and inventories? Have you acquired a new business and need to centralize? We love this type of project! Our managed services will give you better visibility over your entire IT asset inventory.

Is your business growing and you’re having trouble managing the IT assets? Quickly supply and coordinate your entire installed base with the help of our client portal and our procurement team. What’s more, your equipment can be preconfigured and secured from its first use. We stock all leading brands such as Lenovo, Dell, HP, Poly, both for computers and servers and for telephone equipment.

Recruiting skilled labour is a challenge for all organizations across all industries. It’s also a long, costly process. Subcontracting technological services is an appealing and more cost-effective solution. Our team of more than 40 technicians and project managers is here to optimize, supervise, support and secure your IT infrastructure remotely all over Canada. We can take over and provide effective and efficient management of your IT assets within just a few days.

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