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Businesses that don’t have an IT services manager within the company must rely on an outside company. This company is responsible for providing IT services, improving them, and managing changes. But how do you choose a good provider who will be able to offer optimally IT managed services?

The Contract Duration

The duration of the contract offered by an IT services provider is indicative of its policy. Companies that offer a commitment over a few months are sure of the quality of their services, unlike those offering contracts for several years, which lock the client in.

Direct Remote Assistance

In a company, the IT infrastructure must be permanently operational. An organization can’t afford to have employees stalled in their work because they have an IT problem outside of the business hours of their provider’s help centre or because the provider isn’t responding because they’re too busy. A good IT services company has a team of technicians that can respond to the client immediately as well as an emergency service capable of troubleshooting for clients over the phone at any time. A team of specialists must also be permanently at their posts to resolve any network problems immediately and to guarantee clients the continuous availability of their infrastructure.

A Microsoft Gold Partner provider

Microsoft Gold Partners are recognized as being the most competent specialists in Microsoft technology, and choosing a Microsoft Gold Partner provider is a guarantee of quality.

Designated Managers

A good IT services provider deploys a team in charge of the reception and integration of services to ensure the success of the initial transition to managed IT services: the technicians explain how the startup process works to the client and reduce transition times by simplifying the procedure as much as possible. An account manager and a technical advisor are then appointed to provide personalized service. Regular meetings are scheduled with the client to remain attentive to the needs of the business and to develop the solution. Short and long-term goals for the IT environment are also established. Furthermore, a project manager is assigned to any new project: they manage the entire process, keeping the client informed and respecting the planned timetable and budget.

A Multi-year Strategic IT Plan

A strategic IT plan phased over three years makes it possible to establish a budget and provide quality services adapted to the needs of the business while leaving room for development. This is accompanied by a post-disaster recovery plan.

A Team of Experts

IT services management doesn’t just happen: it requires experience, and only companies that have been in business for years, even decades, and certified by the largest software suppliers possess the necessary expertise in the field. Knowledgeable of both hardware and software, they offer a full range of services, allowing the manager and their employees to focus on the company’s business. Thanks to the proactive approach of the managed IT services provider, performance is maximized, and problems are detected and resolved before they even occur. Adequate monitoring tools are set up to increase the efficiency of the infrastructure and to help save time and money. With a good managed IT services provider by their side, a manager has peace of mind and can focus on growing their business.