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At Solulan, we are cybersecurity experts and can assist you through your company’s various security needs. Our team of professionals can even support you in the unwanted event of ransomware or cyber attack.

IT Infrastructure Security Audit

We analyze your IT infrastructure during our security audit service and then provide you with a detailed report. This report includes, among other things, our recommendations for improvements to be made to your infrastructure. We also include a list of the vulnerabilities we have found, each being prioritized by its risk factor.

Intrusion Test

When your data (files, emails, etc.) are hosted on your servers, it is crucial to ensure that they are safe. Solulan can perform intrusion tests on your servers to confirm that your data is well protected and, if not, Solulan can advise you on how to fix the breaches found.

Phishing Awareness Solution and Training

Hackers use increasingly malicious techniques to extract information from their victims. They can even install a backdoor to access your computer system or network. Solulan can educate and train your employees on the different types of phishing.

Monitoring the Dark Web

Without the right tools, surfing the Dark Web can be extremely dangerous. At Solulan, we have all the tools and knowledge required to monitor what is being exchanged on the Dark Web safely. Our monitoring service includes, among other things, ensuring that your employees’ emails and passwords are not part of a hacked and leaked database or ensuring that your databases have not been hacked and are now available on the Dark Web. This service also allows us to be on the lookout for the latest security breaches that could directly impact your company and its infrastructure.

Proactive Monitoring

Solulan can monitor your network and notify you as soon as suspicious activity is detected, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our monitoring software is the most powerful and secure in the industry.

Infrastructure and Access Security

Solulan can give you a detailed report with the various threats most likely to occur on your infrastructure and how to fix them. We also recommend technological solutions by presenting the advantages and disadvantages of each. This assures you that your technology solutions are adapted and adequately protect your infrastructure. Solulan also verifies that your users’ access rights are correctly configured to avoid any unwanted intrusion.

Microsoft 365 Security

With our Microsoft Certified Specialists, Solulan can implement several security measures (MFA, ATP, AIP, Intune, etc.) to protect your identity, workstation, and data stored in Microsoft’s cloud. We offer a complete solution that protects your company against attacks all along the cybercriminal chain:

  • Secure your connections between people, devices, applications, and data. Increase security and productivity with a single, global identity solution that gives you flexibility and control.
  • Detect and analyze advanced threats, compromised identities, and malicious actions in your local and cloud environments. Protect your business with adaptive, integrated intelligence.
  • Protect your sensitive data anywhere, even when it is transferred or shared. Have the best view and control over file usage with our comprehensive, integrated data protection solution.
  • Increase your insight on the use of your cloud applications and services with our sophisticated analytics. Control your data movement, so you can respond to and stop cyber threats.
  • Assess the faced compliance risks with simplified assessment tools. Respond wisely to requests and protect data stored across devices, applications, and clouds.


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